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Complete Omega+ Moisture Boost Kit

Complete Omega+ Moisture Boost Kit

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Your stressed skin needs an "ahhhh" treatment, and that is exactly what this combo will deliver. Nothing to upset the skin about, this super neutral combo caters to the most sensitive and most prone to dryness. Drench the skin with products made from natural seed oils packed with essential omega oils to calm the barrier while peptides like Teprenone and ceramides help plump and rejuvenate the layers below. Wake up to happy, healthy skin every day.

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Made for dry, dehydrated skin in search of moisture that lasts! Use up to twice a day to keep skin looking healthy, plump and smooth. Consistent use will help keep your skin barrier thoroughly nourished and healthy.
Cleanse face with Gentle Cleansing Cream, rinse clean and pat skin dry. Apply thin layer B5 Hyaluronic Plumping Serum all over face, avoiding eyes. Wait a few moments until dry. Then apply a fine layer of the Omegaceramide+ Eye Cream under the eyes and over the browbone. Finalize with a layer of the Omegaceramide+ Moisturizer all over the face and neck to seal in the actives. This combination can be used twice a day to help keep moisture levels amplified.


Gentle Cleansing Cream - 6oz/180ml

Omegaceramide+ Eye Cream - .5oz/15ml

B5 Hyaluronic Plumping Serum - 1oz/30ml

Omegaceramide+ Moisturizer - 2.37oz/70ml