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Rosacea Questions & Answers

What causes Rosacea?

Is it vascular, fungal, bacterial, or just plain old genetics? The vast majority of sufferers already know their triggers but want to prevent it from getting worse. Below is a list of possible triggers that come from actual ZENMED customers.

  1. Alcohol - perhaps an allergy or change in vascular pressure in the body
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Temperature changes
  5. Age
  6. Emotional changes
  7. Caffeine
  8. Spicy, hot foods
  9. Detergents or perfumes

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition whereby the redness is a reaction to an external source. One way to prevent Rosacea is to avoid your triggers altogether. Do not ingest anything that you know causes your skin to react. Covering your face in the cold and the sun and using sunscreen and a hat regularly will also help to minimize future breakouts. 

How does the Support System work?

Skincare becomes increasingly important with Rosacea sufferers. Skin must be handled delicately so as not to irritate it further. This means that sufferers should not use any scrubs or hot water when cleansing the face. Use only gentle, non-scented, non-colored, cream-based cleansers like the Gentle Cleansing Cream by ZENMED. As we age, this condition becomes harder to manage and often spreads from the cheeks to the nose and eyes if left untreated or treated carelessly. 

What's the difference between the oily & dry systems?

One comes with a gentle cream-based cleanser for people that suffer from more dry, combination skin. This cleanser is ideal for customers who also suffer from flakiness. The formulation does not clog pores and is meant for people that have sensitivities to cleansers (i.e. Get redness or stinging right after cleansing). The oily skin formulation is ideal for people that have normal to oily skin as it helps balance oil levels without over-drying.

Can I use a moisturizer with the Skin Support System?

The Support Serum is a creme-serum, it is thick when dispensed but absorbs quickly. We highly recommend the use of moisturizer like AVT Cream or Omegaceramide Moisturizer if you have dry skin. The Oil-Free Day Lotion is also great for oilier skin types.