The Not So Dirty Truth about Blackheads

Do you think that blackheads are caused by dirt? Do you think that you can remove them by using harsh treatments on your skin? If so, you are wrong on both accounts. Blackheads are not caused by dirt and if you do have them, you can't scrub them away. The truth is that even though many people think blackheads look dirty, they are not a result of this. There is a specific reason that blackheads form on your skin and it is because of hormones cause too much oil and the dead skin gets in the way for the oil to escape and creates a clog. This clog can show up on the skin as a blackhead. You can't completely scrub away the blackhead with a cloth, even though you may think you have when you remove the blackhead from the surface of the skin. However, it is still underlying in the skin. A great product to help reduce blackheads externally and internally is called, Zenmed AHA/BHA Complex. This product will cleanse the skin inside and out. It will deliver the best ingredients to help exfoliate your skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells. It provides the best possible ingredients to help your skin look clean and stay that way when you use it twice a day. If you want to reduce or eliminate blackheads, it is crucial to use a product such as Zenmed AHA/BHA Complex. This can make all the difference in whether you will have blackheads or not and continual use of this product will help guarantee that your skin stays looking and feeling clean and smooth. This product helps to exfoliate inside the pore lining and helps to dissolve the oil that can lead to blackheads in the first place. This product will eliminate all of the problems you can cause blackheads in the first place. Other ways to help you reduce the onset of blackheads are listed below: 1. Make certain that you use clean pillow casing. If you wash you pillowcase every couple days, this can really help to eliminate blackheads because the oils that build up on the bedding can cause blackheads to occur. 2. Try to make sure the shower water is very hot because the steam will help open up the pores. You also may be interested in purchasing a facial steamer to help you clean out your pores as well. 3. One of the most important things for you to do is to wash your face at least twice a day. When you do this, you are at much less risk. 4. Be very careful about what you put in your body. Just like the saying goes, when you eat junk, you can look junky. This is true for the condition of your skin. The fat and oil from junk food can ultimately contribute to blackheads. So, if follow all of the above advice and invest in Zenmed AHA/BHA Complex to help ward off blackheads, your skin should be smooth as silk
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