What are ZENMED Rewards Dollars?

We are now rewarding all purchases with an automatic cash credit for use on your next purchase at ZENMED.com. As a special thank you, we have actually credited you for the last order you made as a bonus!

How do I know how much I have?

Just log into your ZENMED.com account (here). Use your email address and password (or your last orderid if you do not know your password). Your balance will be shown in the upper right corner of the page. Your balance (if you have available Reward Dollars) will also be shown on the checkout page in the ZENMED.com shopping cart in the Rewards section just above the Payment details.

How do I redeem them?

The maximum amount will automatically be filled into the Redeem box on the checkout page and deducted from your order total. If you wish to save your Rewards Dollars for later, you can reduce the amount.

Can I transfer my dollars?

At this time we do not offer Reward Dollar transfers. But you can always purchase products and have them shipped directly to anywhere you like.

How can I earn more rewards?

Currently we only offer Reward Dollars on new ZENMED.com product purchases. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be informed of any upcoming promotions where we may offer bonus Reward Dollars on special purchases.