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Goodbye Scars. Hello Flawless Skin!
Who Is This For?
SKINCORRECT+ is for anyone with acne scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
Dark Spots
How Does It Work?
Reduce Brown Spots
Hydroquinone helps to inhibit the production of melanin, the substance that causes dark pigments in all skin types. Since it is able to block this hormone, the pigment ultimately breaks apart and dramatically reduces brown spots.
Long Lasting Results
Making this even more effective is the addition of both glycolic acid and citric acid, which allow the actives to penetrate deeper into the skin. Nothing works faster to deliver lasting, visible results.
Results within a Matter of Weeks
Our fast-acting formula provides visible results quickly.
With continued use, the potent, yet gentle actives in SKINCORRECT+ work to lighten and eliminate those spots you thought were there to stay.
Over time, scars will be gone-- permanently.
Skin tone begins to even out, skin texture improves and spots begin to lighten.
Acne scars begin fading away, dark spots have a lightened appearance and skin feels smoother.
Key Ingredients
Key Ingredient 1
2% Hydroquinone:
Lightens scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dark spots permanently and quickly.
Key Ingredient 2
Glycolic Acid:
This natural alpha hydroxy acid helps to improve texture and tone of the skin and helps aid in cell turnover. As this works to reveal a fresher looking complexion, it works to help actives absorb more deeply into the skin.
Key Ingredient 3
Licorice Root:
A treasured ancient remedy used to calm inflammation and ease the discomfort of irritated skin.
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Recommended Use
SKINCORRECT+ is for daily use at night.
After cleansing, apply to affected areas
Allow to dry and follow with a ZENMED moisturizer
Hydroquinone has been shown to make skin more
photosensitive, so we recommend the use of a sunscreen after SKINCORRECT+ application
Real People, Real Results
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Written By:
Kayla M. @Kayla M.
I have only been using
I have only been using these products (SkinCorrect and the Recovery Moisturizer) in tandem for about a month, so I cannot speak for long term affects. However, within the past month I have noticed, almost immediately, my skin texture completely transformed. Instead of several layers of powder foundation it now takes one. My skin is soft, moisturized and all over in better condition. I bought the products to help even my skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and reduce wrinkles. I feel it's a bit too soon to see improvement on wrinkles but I have noticed a marginal improvement in the evenness of my skin tone. I would certainly suggest these products. ESPECIALLY the Recovery Moisturizer!

Written By:
Victoria g. @Victoria g.
It helps with the face
It helps with the face discoloration

Written By:
Charmaine s. @Charmaine s.
I have been using skincorrect
I have been using skincorrect fot 2 weeks and have noticed a significant difference in my brown spots.

Written By:
Barbara P. @Barbara P.
Excellent products. Very pleased with
Excellent products. Very pleased with complexion since I have been using these products for rosacia. Service is great.

Written By:
Robyn L. @Robyn L.
Giving4 stars so far because
Giving4 stars so far because I haven't seen the full effect yet but I definitely see a improvement!! Going to keep using it!

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