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Sharron T from Minneapolis, MN
quote Acne was gone, but the results lived on

I had terrable acne for years, which eventually stopped in my early twenties. Unfortunatly the acne left behind some pitt marks in my face where it had been the most severe. I was thinking about a laser treatment, but instead tried the Scar Treatment Kit. I noticed results right away, they were right when they said this is powerful. My skin now looks a thousand times better.
Joanne T.
quote Thank you Zenmed!

I've suffered from acne for most of my life and after taking a prescription medication for over a year, my acne went away. As happy as I was, I noticed that years of fighting acne had left some pretty nasty scars behind. I looked for a treatment that wouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars but would treat my scars quickly and easily. I came across your website and purchased the Scar Treatment Kit. The two products came within about 10 days and I was really surprised about how easy they were to use. Within about three weeks the scars started to fade away and today, six months later, my skin is smooth and soft and I look a lot younger than my real age. Which I won’t say. What I will say is thank you Zenmed!
Trish J.
quote Clear smooth skin

My skin was covered in scars until I found this treatment. I had acne all over my arms and shoulders and was scared to wear a bathing suit. I ordered the Scar Treatment Kit and within about 5 weeks I could go out swimming with my kids. Clear smooth skin is what I’ve always wanted. Thank you Zenmed!
Stacy P.
quote I love my Zenmed!

A sun worshipper for a very long time, I started to get liver spots on my face, to my horror. I looked around for the best product to get rid of the ugly marks. A friend told me about how Zenmed helped with her rosacea so I took a look at the website and ordered the Scar Treatment Kit. I was shocked by the change in my skin. After only two applications the marks started to fade away and by 8 weeks they were almost completely gone. I love my Zenmed!
Jason B. from Los Angeles, CA
quote The results have totally changed my skin

My girlfriend ordered the Scar Treatment Kit for me to help with the scars on my face from acne. I didn’t want to use it at first – it looked complicated. I’m glad she talked me into it though. The results have totally changed my skin. I no longer only see scars when I look in the mirror but clear skin. Thanks, Zenmed.
Yolanda S.
quote My skin look and feels smooth again

I had been looking for an alternative to other company’s scar treatments when I came across the Zenmed site. Their commitment to cruelty-free products and use of organic products is truly inspiring. I tried the products and even though I didn’t get ideal results right away, I stuck with it and the scars from my acne faded away to the point where my skin looks and feels smooth again.

Thank you Zenmed.

The testimonials shown here were written by our customers. Please remember any advice you read here is not a substitute for a consultation from a doctor or dermatologist.

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