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ZENMED Vs "The Others"
Naturally-based skincare is evolving fast as informed consumers demand alternatives to the age old formulations of generations past. Combining the best actives of nature with medicinally-proven ingredients has been at the forefront of ZENMED’s product development for almost a decade. As more and more research has been going into alternative medicine, we are an ever-evolving company continuing to stay at the forefront to develop products for all types of troubled skin conditions. With a full guarantee of satisfaction, we offer reasonably priced products without scrimping on cheaper alternatives for bases, such as petroleum or alcohol. Highest grade ingredients, naturally-based, environmentally-responsibly packed, Dr. formulated and delivered to you without celebrity pitches or unnecessary endorsements. Have a look below to see what real people say about us.

Customer Favorites

The following top sellers list is determined by customers just like you.
These are the most ordered and re-ordered products in our entire store.
1 "After years of prescription products and useless facials at salons (skin looks good for a day!), identifying my triggers and using the Support Serum are what finally worked. The pustules are gone, the redness is calmed, and my skin looks normal. I have re-ordered this product 10 times already and told everyone about it. Thanks ZENMED" Lucy S. Phoenix, AZ
2 "Many years of a bad complexion and taking antibiotics that stained my teeth left me really depressed. So I decided to supplement a new, healthy diet with Derma Cleanse. After 3 months, no one would ever believe I had troubled skin in my life. My parents even commented on it during Christmas dinner, I was embarassed yes, but flattered!" Lydia M. Cork, Ireland
3 "Every pimple I ever get seems to leave me a scar behind, in my case dark spots. I was told by ZENMED that Acne has to be treated quickly in order to prevent major damage from occurring to the skin. I was not treating my Acne at all! So I tried the Skin Eraser for about 4 weeks, at night, under moisturizer. I am already starting to use less makeup!" Farah R. SF, CA
4 "I cant believe how soft this product makes your skin! I get far better results with this product that I have ever had from ANY salon facial/peel/treatment. My boyfriend's mom even commented on how perfect my skin is, and I wasn't even wearing any makeup that day. I made sure to tell her about ZENMED on the internet." Catherine L. Quebec City, PQ
5 "This cleanser gives me an all-in-one clean without parching the skin or smelling like soap. I am very sensitive to smells in product so I wanted something different. I also like the fact that it has organic ingredients. I have sensitive skin but I also want to make sure everything gets removed without leaving a film. Great for my troubled complexion."  Mary P. NSW, AU
Staff Picks

Part of making ZENMED products better for you is using them ourselves. Our staff of skincare experts bring years of experience in the industry to our work here at ZENMED. And we all have products we feel made an absolute difference from the minute we tried them. See what worked for us!

Erika Name: Erika
Concern: Combination Skin
Top Product: ZENMED AHA / BHA Complex
"I love this product! I refuse to use toners on my face, I just dont see a purpose. This is like a mini-facial everyday. My skin just glows, little pimples just disappear and my pores become INVISIBLE. "
Erika Name: Mandy
Concern: Sensitivity to cleansers, dull skin
Top Product: ZENMED Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex
" I am a self-confessed makeup junkie. So before makeup application I like my skin to be as smooth as possible. I keep this in my shower to use. I apply my moisturizer, then my makeup and my skin looks absolutely flawless. I get so many compliments on my complexion because of this product. "
Erika Name: Rob
Concern: Breakouts brought on by working out
Top Product: Botanical Acne Body Wash
" I use this product after the gym everyday. I get a very refreshing clean and the granules also give me a good scrub. I also use it on my face. Even though it is unscented, the smell is really nice. "
Erika Name: Sonya
Concern: Pimples that take an unusually long time to go away
Top Product: Botanical Acne Mask
" Whenever I get a pimple, I use the mask like a spot treatment. I put a dab on my pimple and wait for it to dry before going to sleep. Voila, in the morning the pimple is practically gone and the redness is minimized drastically. "
Erika Name: Nancy
Concern: Acne
Top Product: ZENMED Derma Cleanse Acne Gel
" I have always been prone to Acne on my forehead, but since I started using the acne gel, my complexion has been clear. I use it any moment I even feel like something is coming on. I have skin that is prone to redness, so this product really helps even post breakout to clear imperfections away. "
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