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Acne. What is myth and what is fact?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our products. Still have a question? Contact us here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What causes acne?

There are many theories about this, but the main ones are hormonal fluctuations, acne-causing bacteria, (in some cases) poor hygiene, and a genetic predisposition.

How does the Derma Cleanse System work?

In 2 ways. First of all, our Derma Cleanse Dietary Supplement is a naturally-based detoxification supplement. The external treatments help calm the skin, heal existing pustules, and promote healthy cell turnover. The wash helps maintain a healthy pH on the surface of the skin while the acne gel is medicated to help heal and prevent future acne from occurring.

Does it work on mild and severe acne?

Yes, the Derma Cleanse System is created to help with all types of acne, from the most mild to cystic acne. This system is created mainly for persistent acne, the kind that feels like it is unmanageable or unpredictable.

What to use for acne scarring?

The first step is prevention. All acne should be treated no matter what. Letting pustules infect and continue swelling only causes more damage on the skin and it’s elasticity. The ZENMED Derma Cleanse Acne Gel is packed with beta hydroxy acid which is great for healthy cell turnover and minimizing scars and damaged skin. And also, do not pick or pop pimples not matter what. Any forceful breaking of the skin will cause unnecessary damage.

Can I use antibiotics with the Derma Cleanse capsules?

No, unless approved by a physician. All prescribed medications should be used as directed, and no medication should be discontinued without your doctor’s ok.

Can you use Derma Cleanse capsules with birth control?

There is no evidence of this supplement interfering with birth control pills.

Can I use Derma Cleanse capsules if using progesterone/estrogen pills?

Please talk to your physician before mixing any medications with any supplements.

What cosmetics do you recommend?

Mineral based, absolutely oil-free. Some people find that silicone-based products fare better with an acne condition. This is a “try and see” department.

Can you use moisturizer with the Derma Cleanse System?

We advise using a light, oil-free moisturizer (like ZENMED Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30 or Sebum Regulating Moisturizer), but only in the areas you need it.

What would you recommend for whiteheads and blackheads?

Blackheads and whiteheads need exfoliation before they grow to full size pimples. ZENMED Dermacleanse Acne Gel is an effective exfoliating agent that not only helps gently peel the skin, but also helps heal whiteheads and prevent them from growing. AHA/BHA Complex is also an excellent product for promoting healthy cell turnover

Does your product help reduce oily skin?

No product will reduce oily skin, it will only help balance the oils that are currently overproducing. Overproduction of oils often occurs when too-strong of products are used hence stripping the oils and causing the body to produce more. ZENMED washes and gels help adjust the ph of the oils to make them not so friendly for acne-causing bacteria.

Can I take multi-vitamins with the Derma Cleanse System?

One multivitamin a day should not have any effect on our product.

Can I take other herbal products with your system?

We recommend that you speak with your healthcare provider.

I saw that your Derma Cleanse uses essential oils, will this work for oily acne prone skin?

Absolutely. The essential oils that are carried throughout our products have specific antibacterial and anti-inflammatory traits. They are not "oils" per se, they are effective, all-natural skin care solutions that have been used for hundreds of years for misbehaving skin.

Will my system eventually build up a resistance to the Derma Cleanse capsules, thus making them ineffective?

Herbal supplements of any kind have not been known to cause resistance. Herbs are food. They are active foods that can help balance the body and get it back to normal. Sometimes our foods are not giving us the right enzymes or actives that we require. Dietary supplements, which is what Derma Cleanse is, is not a drug.

What would you recommend for reducing large pores?

Exfoliation with a potent, beta hydroxy mixture like the ZENMED Derma Cleanse Acne Gel and AHA/ BHA Complex is an effective way to minimize the appearance of large pores.

Does smoking while on the Derma Cleanse System have a negative effect?

Cigarettes have nicotine which is a stimulant. Skin going through any sort of inflammatory response needs to be calmed. Smoking will not be doing any favours for your body or your skin.

Are there certain foods that an acne sufferer should avoid?

Foods high on the glycemic index, like white bread and rice. Grab a free chart off of the internet and compare your favourites to the chart and see if it makes a difference.

Does alcohol have any effect on the Derma Cleanse capsules?

Alcohol is sugar and high on the glycemic index. So it should be avoided altogether when you have acne. Do not drink while on the caps as it may cause stomach distress.

Can the product be used id you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol , thyroid?

Please talk to your healthcare provider.

Why do I get body acne?

Probably the same reasons anyone gets acne anywhere on their body. Most common reasons are not enough exfoliation, synthetic clothes and bedsheets, bath oils, excessive sweating.

How does the body acne combo work?

2 ways. The body wash helps exfoliate the body with medication and bacteria fighting agent. The medicated mask helps suck out excess oils and calm down the acne that you already have.

Can I use the botanical acne mask & wash on my face & neck?


What is hyperpigmentation?

This is when the skin undergoes some sort of trauma and overproduces melanin, or pigment, and deposits it on the surface of the skin. This may manifest itself as a freckle or a spot.

Will the Skin Eraser Kit totally get rid of my scars? How?

The ZENMED Skin Eraser Kit will help lighten up dark spots and scars. Exfoliation mixed with a chemical peel will help your complexion get back to normal.