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Acne. What is myth and what is fact?
There is so much conflicting information on what causes Acne and what can make it better. Acne is not curable, but it is 100% manageable to a point where no one would ever think that you have a problem. And that comes with living a healthier life, eating a better diet, managing stress and following a skincare regime for your particular type of skin.

Knowingyour triggers are so vital. Many women complain of getting Acne around their "time of the month". Many men complain about Acne after working out or shaving. Teens often get Acne around puberty. Many react to certain make-ups or moisturizers. So while no customer is alike, ZENMED creates various products in different formats for all different types of sufferers.

The Acne Cycle

White Head DiagramAcne begins to form about 14-21 days before you see the blemish surface. It happens within the constant process of your skin shedding its old cells and producing new skin. As dead skin cells shed, new skin is produced. If the dead skin cells do not shed evenly they become sticky and clump together. These clumped cells can get caught in your sebaceous hair follicles, the little holes in the skin known as pores.
The clogged pore traps the oil and bacteria that has been forming deep within the sebaceous hair follicles. This oil, which is known as sebum, is originally produced to help keep the skin moist, pliable and healthy. However, when the follicle gets clogged and you continue to produce more oil, the pore begins to swell. The bacteria begins to breed in this oxygen-deprived environment causing infection, redness and irritation. The longer the clog remains, the worse the infection becomes. This is also known as the pimple.
To fight the infection your body’s own immune response then kicks in to fight, hence the often-seen presence of pus. And “popping pimples” is one of the worst things you can do to your skin as it opens up the surface often leading to scarring. Acne must be treated quickly and effectively to shorten this cycle and prevent scarring and damage. And ZENMED offers you the tools to heal quickly and prevent Acne in the long-term.

Since it is usually a combination of excess sebum, dead skin cells, and environmental triggers that cause pores to clog in the first place, your skincare regime must include:

a)      Exfoliating dead skin cells and prevent build-up in the first place

b)      Balancing oil levels on the skin, not completely removing them

c)      Clearing causative organisms and debris (like make-up) from the skin daily

d)      Working on avoiding your triggers when you can and being more vigilant before monthly hormonal surges

All ZENMED products are naturally-based and fortified with ingredients like Glycolic, Salicylic, Ascorbic and Lactic Acid to aid in the skin cell renewal process. And with specially-priced combos we can treat almost every skin type.

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