What is the Active ingredient in this product?

The Body Wash is made up of vitamins and herbs such as Chamomile and Rosemary, as well as Salicylic Acid which will help to reduce bacteria while not causing any further inflammation.

Can this be used everyday?

This product works best when used with the Botanical Acne Mask 2-3 times a week, however you can use this as your daily body wash to keep skin clean and clear, and body acne at bay.

Is this product safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is made from gentle ingredients which are suitable for sensitive skin.

Can I use this product on my face?

We recommend using our Facial Cleansing Gel and Acne Gel on your facial skin.

Can this product be used all over the body?

Yes, it can be used anywhere on the body you get acne.

Does this product help to prevent acne?

Yes, by keeping the skin clean and clear it can keep most body acne at bay. If you are suffering from more severe acne we recommend using our DermaCleanse Capsules along with the Body Treatment.

Is this an exfoliating product?

It does contain Salicylic Acid so it does provide some exfoliating properties.