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Body Acne Combo

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The pores of the shoulder and back are different than the face. They are far bigger and more active. Sweat, oil and synthetic fabrics irritate the pores and this can easily lead infectious bacteria to clog the surface, causing embarrassing Acne to form. Many reasons, such as hormone imbalances or over-activity also play a part in this. But the best way to prevent this acne from forming is to the keep the skin in a condition that does not make it easy for Acne-forming bacteria to invade, and this where the ZENMED® Body Acne Combo comes in.

What Can I Expect?

This is a comprehensive, 2-step treatment system that prevents new Acne from forming, heals existing Acne pimples faster than leaving them untreated, and prevents scarring. Using the granular scrub, the Botanical Acne Body Wash will reduce oiliness and prevent clogging of the pores. The mask, the Botanical Acne Mask and Spot Treatment provides an intensive detoxifying of the skin, drawing impurities and oil and helping heal pimples faster. Healing the Acne quickly and providing ample exfoliation will prevent scarring and treat imperfections that commonly accompanies Acne of the body.

This Product DOES NOT Contain:

  • Sulfur
  • Sodium Lauryl or Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Non-Recyclable Packaging or Un-Necessary Packing Containers

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Written By:
Kirby L. @Kirby L.
So far so good!
Purchased this recently and have been using for a week only so far. But I definitely like the product and the way my skin feels after. Not harsh and braised but smooth. Also appears to be clearing but will have more concrete updates in a few weeks time.
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Written By:
claire j. @claire j.
For tougher skin only
The mask did diminish the existing acne on my son's face within 3 days. The body wash was mildly abrasive on his shoulders-- not for easily irritated, thin-skinned people.
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Written By:
Joel M. @Joel M.
Great product!
Thank you very much. It's cleared my skin up for the most part. I really appreciate it as I am getting married next month. Thank you again!
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