FREE Skincare Tips to Maximize ZENMED Effectiveness

You can get the most out of your troubled skin treatment by reading some of these tips and tricks.

We have collected them from professionals in the beauty, makeup and skincare industry as well as our customers and medical professionals. Join us on our blog at for advice on living a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.
1. The Prep Step for Makeup.
Are you planning a big night out and doing up your makeup fancy? Try the Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex right before you moisturize your skin. Skin will be instantly smoothed and prepped for makeup to go on smoother and skin will appear glowing and flawless. This is a favorite with makeup junkies, artists and customers alike. This no-soap formula also prevents over-drying of the skin and will also remove any flakiness.
2. If All You Have is 5 Minutes for Your Face a Day, Make It Count.
Want a daily skincare ritual but don't have the time for it? Our Three Step System is easy, takes 5 minutes a day, and will dramatically improve your complexion. Our Facial Cleansing Gel removes all traces of make-up and debris with one step. Our AHA/BHA Complex is an esthetician-grade combination of rejuvenating acids. And our H-Series Moisturizer is a fortified Vitamin C moisturizer with effective moisturizing and regenerative qualities. So in 5 minutes a day you are minimizing aging, preventing new wrinkles from forming, and repairing any damage.
3. Makeup with ZENMED Products.
Customers with Rosacea and Acne always wonder what type of makeup is best to use for their skin. We cannot overstress the wonders of mineral makeup. Previous formulas of powders and foundations used to contain talc and other irritating chemicals. Mineral makeup today is mainly made of zinc oxide, an already well-known skin healing active (think zinc diaper cream). Plus it provides an all-natural sunscreen agent automatically.
4. The Glowing Reviews for ZENMED Keep Coming In
. Why does ZENMED Anti-Redness Mask get so much press? Because it has become the go-to product for hundreds of makeup artists. Willow Bark Extract is an amazing redness reducer, but what really punches this formula into another level is the calming gel base it is infused into. This gel base maximizes the extract to its maximum potential and gives results instantly. Sometimes after only a minute customers report a marked improvement is balanced skin tone as well as moisture is increased.
5. Spider Vein Reversal?
Suffer from spider veins? This can be an all-too-common symptom of having Rosacea. Lasers can now effectively minimize the appearance of them, but it can be costly and with some risks involved. So if you have been diagnosed with Rosacea or have it in your family, it is very important to prevent your skin from flare-ups. Know and avoid your triggers. Treat your skin gently and with products designed to strengthen, like the ZENMED Skin Support System. High-potency Vitamin C is the key to this system, it is well known to boost collagen levels and this is the key to repairing and preventing Rosacea-linked damage like broken blood vessels.
6. Post-Acne Scarring Can Be Reduced Drastically.
Acne scarring such as hyperpigmentation and bumpiness is easy to treat with the ZENMED Skin Eraser Kit. As we recommend with any sort of post-breakout damage, it is better to start treating it sooner than later. This 2-step system is esthetician-grade potency and Dr-formulated for safety and effectiveness. Start with using it twice a week to begin with. You will see almost instant improvement in dark spots and acne scarring. It's quick, effective and cheap as each kit is almost 20+ treatments in one.
7. Overnight Pimple Relief.
Quickest way to fix a pimple? Put a mask on it. The ZENMED Botanical Acne Mask will shrink your pimple starting immediately. Before bedtime, soak the corner of a facecloth in the hottest tap water possible, squeeze water out and apply like a compress to the pimple. Repeat a few times. Then take a small amount of this clay mask and apply it to the pimple or area of pimples. Wait for it to dry and leave it on overnight. You will see your pimples shrink by almost half just overnight as well as redness taken down.