Update on COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers,

We are sure this is not the first notification you have received about the Coronavirus. We have been receiving some queries from our customers and thought this is definitely the right time to assure you of a few things.

Firstly, as a small, family-owned business, we have been lucky in a few ways as we do not hold retail locations and have not had to cease operations in our facilities of storage or manufacture.

Putting Our Employees and Customers First

From our point of manufacture in California to our distribution centre in Phoenix, we are complying with all of the highest safety measures the CDC has recommended: social distancing, limited staffing, and strict sanitizing. We are not allowing more than 10 people in our warehouse at a time, we are only permitting them to work 6 hour shifts (but still compensating them for the full 8), regular disinfection is occurring at all workstations, and all staff are being monitored on a careful basis for their continued well-being.

Secondly, we have been receiving queries about delivery times and disruptions for postal deliveries. At this time, Canada Post and the United States Postal Service have advised of no disruptions or delays, but are notifying customers of certain social distancing measures the postal carriers are adhering to. You can read these below:



Prices Will Not Change

Thirdly, since this situation with the virus is very fluid, we cannot assure that stock levels will remain where they are currently. We are certainly hoping our manufacturing continues to run without disruption as will our distribution warehouse. If there is an item you need to purchase a bulk supply of, we have placed a limit of 20 of each item maximum per purchase. We hope you understand at this time of unprecedented demand we wish to remain open for everyone and are so grateful for all of you.

Looking Ahead

We will of course keep everyone updated on the situation as it develops and thank you so much for your continued support of our company. We wish you all the best of health and we are with you.


Mandeep Shahi