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Frequently Asked Questions about Acne

Frequently Asked Questions about ZENMED®'s Acne Answer
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Stretta Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stretta?

Stretta is a cream that works to greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How does Stretta work?

Stretta works in three ways to remove the appearance of stretch marks.

  1. Stretta works to strip layers of dead and unwanted skin, allowing new, healthy skin to take its place.
  2. Centillica Asiatica (a key ingredient in Stretta) helps to promote collagen, and once the collagen network is rebuilt the skin begins to tone and rejuvenate.
  3. We use natural, medicinal ingredients that have been used for centuries to restore and heal the skin.

The result is stretch mark free skin.

Does Stretta work on all skin types including African American?

Stretta is designed to work for all skin types and tones. There are no ingredients in our products that may cause bleaching, hyperpigmentation, or brown blotches. In fact, our entire skincare line is ideal for enhancing true skin tone and creating balance.

Why should I use Stretta over other products?

The reason stretta is effective is because we are focused on quality ingredients at ZENMED. We put our money in to high quality ingredients that are a fusion of sought after natural ingredients and powerful pharmceautical ingredients. The key ingredients used in Stretta are proven to be powerful and will dramatically reduce any signs of stretch marks.

Our entire product line specializes in providing an alternative to where other mainstream brands have faltered. But best of all, they are offered rather inexpensively and discretely.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks or striae, as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with a silvery white hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, and over time can diminish but not disappear completely. Stretch marks are generally associated with pregnancy and obesity. Stretch marks are the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (e.g. puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy), and anabolic steroid use.

Will Stretta work on old stretch marks?

Yes, older stretch marks are usually silver or white in color as compared with recent ones which are usually red. The contrast to the surrounding skin color is less on older stretchmarks therefore older stretch marks respond well as they can disappear into the surrounding skin with Stretta.

How long will a bottle of Stretta last?

This is a tough question because everyone has a different size area they are applying Stretta to. The larger the area the faster you are going to run through it. As a general rule when the product is used as directed it should last approximatly one month.

How do I use Stretta?

For use on the body only. Use after bath or shower. Wait one minute. Apply a small amount onto hand and rub into affected areas twice daily. If irritating, reduce use to once daily. Results normally appear after 6-8 weeks of consistent use. It is highly recommended that a SPF 30 or above should be used if exposing skin to sun. If persistent irritation occurs, discontinue use.


How much does shipping cost?
We offer numerous choices for shipping and often run free-shipping promotions on our homepage. If you are located in the USA, or any of its territories (includes APO's), we offer a flat rate shipping of $6.95. We also offer overnight shipping in the USA for $35 (some rules apply). Some systems of products, such as the Derma Cleanse System, include free shipping. Delivery is expected anywhere between 4-7 business days. We offer tracking on all of our USPS parcels. For Canada we offer a $6.95 flat rate shipping. There are no duties or taxes due on delivery. A flat rate shipping of $15 USD (or equivalent in your currency) is offered for all international purchases. Delivery is expected anywhere between 10-14 business days to major centers, sometimes up to 21 days for more remote areas.

We also offer $35 Fedex International Delivery for some areas, delivery is expected within 3-5 business days. Internationally (outside of the USA and Canada) we are not responsible for taxes or duties imposed by your respective country. We cannot guarantee that your parcel may/may not be subjected to the sales tax in your respective country, but we try to alleviate brokerage charges by sending most parcels via the post. We recommend that you choose the USPS option if you are concerned about high courier brokerage fees.

If you refuse a parcel once it has landed in your respective country, your shipping fee will not be refunded and you will incur a restocking fee of 10%.
What is the shipping to Canada?
We offer a $6.95 flat rate shipping to Canada via USPS. Delivery should be expected within 5-10 business days to major centers. All orders are duty-free and tax will not be due at delivery.
When will my order be processed?
All orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase. If a holiday falls within the order time, shipping times may be delayed but will be processed the following business day.
For orders shipped to Canada, do I have to pay any additional fees?
No, you will pay GST at purchase time and there will not be duties or brokerage due at delivery.

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