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Real Results - ZENMED® Customer Testimonials
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The following reviews were taken from recent emails.

Michelle C. - After photo
Michelle C. from Santa Rosa, CA
quote No more marks

I tried Vitamin E and all those lotions claiming to work but what I found out instead was the Vitamin E made me oily, and the lotions were very expensive and never worked. Although I am only 22 and very thin my body has a terrible habbit of creating stretch marks!

Stretta was my last hope. After using this product for only 1 week I started noticing a change. However after week 4 the results were incredible! It does exactly what it says it does! It's not a gimmic! This is one of the only online web sites I truly trust. If you use this my advice is to not give up on some of the bright red ones, they just take longer! The lighter ones and brownish tones faded pretty quickly. I wish I had before Pictures!
Sean L. from Seattle, WA
quote No more marks

I have tried everything to get rid of the acne on my face. I saw some results with other products I I was never in great shape, I will blame some of it on genetics and the rest on bad eating habbits. I made a resolution on my birthday to get in good shap. I hit the gym, fixed my diet and even started running. Results were starting to show and everything was awesome. After losing twenty pounds of fat I was much happier to stare in teh mirror, the only problem now was the stretchmarks where my gut had shrunk. Since I made the effor to lose weight I wanted to look good, so I looked into getting rid of the stretch marks. I tried a few things from my local drug store with no luck, so I turned to the internet. I gave Stretta a try and within a month the marks were gone. If you have stretch marks and want to do something about it try this stuff, it works!
Jennifer S. from Dallas, TX
quote Worked for me

I had heard good things about Stretta from a colleague of mine, she told me after she lost the weight from having one of her children it worked for her. I did not have a child, but did lose a fair amount of weight from dieting. I gave it a try and I was happily surprised it did work. I used to have substanchle marks on my love handles as well as but areas. I used Stretta for about a week before seeing results. I have used it now for about three months and the marks are all but gone, it would pretty much take a magnifying glass to see anything. I am pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone.
Joyce T. from San Diego, CA
quote Great Results

After having my baby I had a struggle to lose most of the weight I gained. By them time I did I had a new problem, stretch marks. I had them on my stomach and my but. I wanted to wear cloths that showed off my newly slim again body, but I did not want people to see the stretch marks. I tried ZENMED Stretta for about two months. I can not believe how well it worked.
Marvin N. from Miami, FLA
quote Looking great, thanks.

I was never a large guy, I always wanted to be more muscular so I started weight lifting. I found it hard to put on mass, but with the help of a good diet and some supplements I was able to get some bulk pretty quickly. The only problem that I had was because of the rapid gain in size I developed stretch marks in my arm / shoulder area. I loved the way I was looking but the stretch marks did not look great and I wanted them gone. I decided to try Stretta after looking online. Almost right away the look of the marks stated to fade and within a few weeks they were almost gone. Thank you ZENMED for giving me what I want.
Beth H. from Denver, CO
quote My body looks good, again.

After losing all the weight I gained from having my baby I was worried about getting rid of the left over stretch marks. The problem was that I have dark skin so they are very noticeable and I did not want people to see them. I had thought about a laser treatment, but had decided against that because of the chances of hyper-pigmentation. I had used some ZENMED products before for my complexion and though I would try their stretch mark cream. It look a little while to see results, but after about a month I started to notice a major difference. I am happy with the results and will continue to use it until they are all gone.

The testimonials shown here were written by our customers. Please remember any advice you read here is not a substitute for a consultation from a doctor or dermatologist.

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