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Frequently Asked Questions about Cold Sores

Frequently Asked Questions about ZENMED®'s Answer to Cold Sores
The ZENMED® AvaCare System

How does AvaCare work?

This is formula specifically designed to inhibit oral herpes (HSV1) and to relieve inflammation and pain that may occur with post herpetic neuralgia. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this as eliminating toxic pathogens, clearing damp heat, cooling the blood and removing blood stasis.

Are there any side effects to the AvaCare System?

No, it is a perfect balance of herbal supplements.

How long does a bottle of AvaCare last?

There are 90 pills per bottle. 2 pills a day is the correct dosage to ward off this virus. That means a 45 day supply. Click here for information on our package deals.

Have you heard of people having cold sores in their throat?

To answer your question, Yes. It is not commonly seen however it can be the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV1) that we know to usually infect the lips and surrounding mucous membrane. The symptoms include difficulty swallowing or burning, squeezing throat pain while swallowing, weight loss, pain in or behind the upper chest while swallowing. It is a condition that may be confused with other conditions such as herpangina (a form of the Coxsackie A virus), sore throat caused by strep or other bacteria, and infectious mononucleosis. Having said that I would recommend a visit to you family physician to examine and test your condition.

What is a cold sore, and how do people get them?

Cold sores are the result of the herpes simplex virus. People can get the herpes simplex virus via bodily fluids. When you use AvaCare, you prevent cold sores from forming.

Who makes AvaCare, and is there a guarantee on the product?

AvaCare is produced by ZENMED®, and is exclusivly distributed by Raging Creations Ltd. Our conviction in AvaCare allows us to offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. For more information concerning your guarantee click here.

I tend to get really bad cold sores covering my entire bottom lip. However this only happens when I am out in the sun for long periods of time. Now I am almost afraid to spend a day out in the sun. Will simplex stop these outbreaks from happening?

Dear Tracie,

Thank you for your email, and for your interest in AvaCare. We have learned that there are certain triggers for cold sore sufferers (HSV1) sunshine being one of them. Other common factors include stress, hormonal changes, fatigue and scalding beverages to name a few. There are certain common threads that run through all of these triggers. Simplex solutions was designed to treat the source of the disorder, to minimize the chance of outbreak and to relieve and heal and sores that may occur. This is accomplished by combining botanical that address the source of the disorder. Simplex Solutions is a great preventative and I would also recommend a strong sun block and to monitor exposure to sunlight.

Is this contagious?

Yes, the herpes virus is very contagious. But it can be treated. Click here to begin treating your unwanted cold sores.

Do you ship to countries overseas?

Yes, we ship our products all over the world. When you place an order for AvaCare please select the appropriate shipping method.

What are my shipping options, and how long will it take to reach me?

All shipping options are listed in the "How to Order" section. We prefer to offer a good selection of shipping options to meet your every need.

Can this product be taken by pregnant mothers?

We do not advise women to take these products while pregnant.

What is the best diet for herpes sufferers ,and what foods should I avoid eating?

A diet rich in Lysine is recommended for herpes sufferers. This includes chicken, eggs, milk, and leafy green vegetables. Avoiding foods with arginine is also recommended. Peanuts, chocolate,and wheat products are very high in this amino acid which has been shown to trigger the herpes virus.

Does this product work on both oral and genital herpes?

Yes, our product is effective on both oral and genital herpes. Simplex Solutions should be taken for a period of 2 months straight to take this virus into remission. If you have genital herpes click here.

How many months does this program take?

We recommend taking these products for a period of 2 months. After that a basic maintenance system can be implemented. If an outbreak does occur take Simplex Solutions immediately at tingling phase. A 2 month supply of Simplex Solutions is currently being offered at a discounted price. Click here to purchase.

How often can cold sores come back I get them like once every 2 months or something and now they just popped up for no reason?

Depending on many factors internally and externally within you body, the Simplex Virus can manifest on the skin. There is no set schedule for this to occur. Your best line of defense is preventative medicine and possible lifestyle changes. Our new Cold Sore Manual is loaded with information and offered FREE with every purchase, and feel free to contact us again with any more questions. Best of Health.

Hello, I have been on your product for almost two weeks now and I'm seeing amazing results. I've read that I can take it for two months and then stop as long as I follow your diet recommendations but could find what those recommendations are. I only eat fish and chicken with an occasional steak(3 times a year) and drink almond milk, and eat lots of vegetables.

Herpes is characterized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as dampness with heat and toxic pathogens. In Paul Pitchford's book HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS he suggests a regeneration diet for at least 6 months. The regeneration consists of primarily grains, vegetables seaweeds, legumes, sprouts, micro-algae, omega 3 and GLA foods and oils, with only a small amount of spices. This diet will include a small amount of raw vegetables or sprouts if desired, but most food is cooked moderately or mildly. Seaweeds are taken unless there is diarrhea. There may be supplementation with fish or other animal products if necessary. Proportions of foods in the diet 45% grains; 35% vegetables; 15% beans and other legumes and 5% other recommended foods. In this regeneration diet it is important to emphasize avoiding all intoxicants (including coffee and tobacco) , all concentrated sweeteners, all fruits (including tomatoes), all nuts (especially peanuts) and oil bearing seeds except flax seed and it's cold pressed oil. Also avoid sesame oil (small amounts of olive oil are accepted). Spirulina provokes dampness , however chlorella and wild blue-green algaes are often helpful. A fter six months if the lesions have not appeared for at least six weeks, one may begin to include fruit, goat - dairy products, and small amounts of other animal products. I also want include a quick note on supplements. One very common supplement Lysine is often used, this amino acid may suppress the frequency of external symptoms, however, lysine use inhibits the formation of arginine, an amino acid essential to the manufacture of white blood cells, which plays a vital role in immunity. Best of Health. We offer a wealth of information on Cold Sores that you should check out in our manual.

Are all cold sores a result of herpes?

All cold sores are a result of the herpes simplex virus. If you have the herpes simplex virus, begin treatment today.

Is there such thing as airborn herpes or is it a sexually transmitted disease?

No, the herpes simplex virus is not transmitted through the air. It is a virus that is passed on through direct contact.

When the lip type cold sore is blistered, is it a good or bad idea to pop open the blister and remove the fluid?

A good question. It is not recommended to squeeze, pinch, pick or pop bisters to drain fluid because of the chance of re-infection to other areas of exposed skin tissue. Our free manual contains detailed information about the treatment and maintenance of this disorder.

Are there any chapsticks that help prevent or heal cold sores quicker?

Your idea is good, however the problem with a chapstick is the possibility of infecting other areas of healthy skin tissue. ZENMED® has now developed AvaCare as a topical spray for the inflammation and pain.

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