Skin Eraser Kit
Treat post-Acne discoloration, bumpiness and uneven tone with an intensive, 2-step dermabrasion and peel therapy system.
Renewing MicroDermabrasion Complex
Mineral-heavy clay is combined with finely milled Walnut Shells to create a dual-action cleanser and dermabrasion effect to damaged, aging, and uneven skintone.
Skin Eraser
Potent triple-acid exfoliator provides a gradual, esthetician-grade peel effect. Helps minimize dark spots, bumpiness and dull tone.
Powerful antioxidants are now blended in with the active hydroquinone to help speed up results. Nothing works faster or more effectively.
Three Step Skin Care System
Not just a cleanse, tone and moisturize. Treat wrinkles, prevent breakouts, improve tone and pigment, and boost the quality of your skin in only 5 minutes per day.
Skin Eraser Kit Special Offer
Our glycolic specialty product. Using alongside with the right cleanser and moisturizer will help heal the repair the damage fast and easy.