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Nutrient Boost Spray

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This product is great for people who experience breakouts immediately after exposure to heat, cold, wind, and UV. This soothing spray is enriched with Vitamins A and E, Willow Bark Extract and Licorice Root Extract to immediately penetrate the skin’s surface and calm the redness down. Is also ideal for carrying in your purse or car, ideal for sufferers of hot flashes and unexplained flushing. Also great for use like a toner after cleansing, will help remove residue of cleanser while calming any irritation down.

What Can I Expect?

Helps to instantly cool the skin down and calm any redness. Provides instant boost of moisture and nutrients helping moisten the skin and lessen irritation.

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Written By:
Sasha M. @Sasha M.
Zenmed is amazing !!
I recently received my order from zenmed as I have recently been experiencing red flare ups on my face and my facial skin being spotty , stingy, itchy , hot. & very very red!i purchased the red pack & a few extras .. Within minutes my skin felt better and now after 2 days it feels even better !!! Think you zenmed & thank you to my friend who recommended zenmed xx
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Written By:
marilyn h. @marilyn h.
Love nutrient boost spray!
The final piece in keeping my Rosacea calm. I have been using ZenMed Rosacea products, but was using this spray only occasionally . I now use it several times per day - under and over make up. And on my chest too. Very soothing/calming. I am keeping a small bottle of it with me everywhere i go for the summer!
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Written By:
claire j. @claire j.
cooling, immediate relief
The spritzer is great at the end of a swim practice to cool and soothe the "hot itchies" of exertion in chlorinated water.
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Written By:
Tricia Y. @Tricia Y.
Nutrient boost spray
The nutrient boost spray feels nice and is also soothing on the skin. I will definitely be ordering some more.
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