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Acne Therapy for Combination Skin

43 reviews
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Designed for people with the most common skin type of all, combination. Balances oiliness where needed, moisturizes where required. Helps equalize skin to prevent breakouts from happening. Most useful for people with an oily t-zone, clogged and/or enlarged pores, sensitive skin, and mild Acne.

What Can I Expect?

This regimen is created for daily use and can be used by people with sensitive skin. Using the AHA/BHA Complex on a daily basis allows for gentle exfoliation and pH balancing on the surface of the skin helping prevent causative bacteria from taking hold. Cleanse with the Facial Cleansing Gel morning and night. After cleansing, use the AHA/BHA Complex like a toning lotion over the skin. The Sebum Regulating Moisturizer is a light moisturizer created to balance oils without adding greasiness or causing clogged pores. The Derma Cleanse Acne Gel can be applied to the affected areas twice a day. The products are ideal for use under makeup.

This system INCLUDES:

  • FREE Shipping in the Continental US
  • Full-Size Bottles (not samples), 2-4 Month Supply

This Product DOES NOT Contain:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Parabens
  • Sulfur
  • Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Non-Recyclable Packaging or Un-Necessary Packing Containers
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Product Reviews:


Written By:
Rosemary S. @Rosemary S.
Regimen is simple enough to use and price was right! Quick delivery let me get started right away!
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Written By:
Angela M. @Angela M.
It's working okay
I have been using it for a few weeks now and it hasn't been working the way I thought it would but I'm sure I need to keep using it to see results.
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Written By:
Jennifer M. @Jennifer M.
Purchased Acne Therapy for Combination Skin
I recently purchased the Acne Therapy for Combination skin. I was tired of buying products in stores to find that they caused my skin to break out more and were harsh for my skin. I decided to try something new. I came across ZENMED skincare and read some reviews. I couldn't believe how happy customers were with the products they had bought and the results they were seeing. I decided to give the Acne Therapy for Combination Skin a try since I had nothing to lose. I have been using the set for one week now and I am loving it. I have been noticing results which is what I wanted all along. I have not had any breakouts as a result of using this product and the product is clearing up previous breakouts I had before. I am committed to using this line of acne skincare and I will not go back to buying store products for acne!
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Written By:
Christina R. @Christina R.
Unsure yet if any results. My daughter skin remains the same. She is using twice daily as prescribed. We will continue the next couple of months and see.
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Written By:
Juliet B. @Juliet B.
So far its working good, the blemish seems like takes awhile to go away. I’m glad i use zedmed skin care works better than my old acne med. i will cont. use it.
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