No Hassle Guarantee

ZENMED People Pleaser Guarantee

Like any other retailer, we guarantee our products for success. If any product has not met your expectations, please return it to us within 60 days of shipment.

Since transit times can vary, always allow 10-14 days for packages to get to us. Packages must be received within the 60 days from shipment date.

International customers (outside of the USA and Canada), please refer to our Shipping Policies section in the FAQ for further details.

If you choose to return your products, please follow these instructions for proper procedure:

General Tips for Returning Via Mail

You must return bottles, used or unused, to receive your refund (minus shipping costs). Packages received past the 60 day guarantee period will not be refunded. You may return orders partially (ie. If you like a product, keep it, send what you don’t like and we will refund you only what you have returned).

Do not return products via UPS or other couriers as fees may be charged and unnecessary delays may result.